I have been a Mohel Practitioner of Brit Milah since 1967. I studied for three years at Heychal Ha-Talmud L-Brit Milah, Higher Academy for the study of Ritual Circumcision, New York, New York, under Rabbi Harry Bronstein, Z”L, founder of the school and one of the leading Mohalim of our century and inventor of the 'Magen Clamp'. During my training I assisted at over 300 Brittot. After three years I was certified as a Mohel Practitioner of Brit Milah, Mohel Specialist. I am also sanctioned by the Greater Orlando Board of Rabbis. Since 1967 I have performed more than 4,000 Brittot in New Jersey, New York, Long Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio, Florida and Georgia.

In 1965 while I was a student at the Academy I wrote a technical textbook on Brit Milah for Rabbi Bronstein. He utilized and incorporated my textbook into the curriculum. Consequently, other Mohalim call me from all over the country with technical questions.

I approach my responsibilities as a Mohel seriously, always trying to carry out the Mitzvah with sensitivity, dignity and in as beautiful a way as possible. I am a shomer Mitzvot and set high standards for ritual practice in my personal life as well as in my professional life. I begin my Brittot with a short d’var Torah, a few minutes of teaching and explanations because I believe that those in attendance should come away having added a little to their Judaic knowledge and feeling more closely connected to our precious heritage.

Although the modern medical establishment has developed new instruments and techniques for circumcision throughout the years, none have proven equal to traditional Jewish practice for speed and minimal trauma to the infant. Still, some parents may have concerns pertaining to the medical aspects of the surgical procedure. Click here for answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

I wear sterile rubber gloves and sterilize my instruments in a Pelton and Crane autoclave after each use. All other supplies required for the Brit are disposable and discarded after use. As is the preference of trained Mohalim, I use a Magen clamp. I have addressed any pain the baby may experience by suggesting to the parents that they obtain a prescription from their physician for a topical anesthetic (See Brit Instructions), which the parents administer to the prepuce, foreskin, an hour and a half to two hours prior to the Brit.

I perform Brittot primarily in the Central Florida area, from the east to west coast of Florida as well as Gainesville, Jacksonville, Merritt Island area to Palm Bay and occasionally in Northern Georgia.

Parents should choose carefully before engaging a Mohel. It is important that the individual meet the standards described on this web site. Feel free to ask questions pertaining to training and certification, experience, religious observance, details of the ceremony, etc. Ask for names and phone numbers of parents for whom the Mohel has recently worked. He should be happy to provide such references. Parents have a responsibility to their child as well as to themselves to feel confident and comfortable with their choice.

It is very important to me that you and your baby receive very special care and individual attention. I would be delighted to discuss any aspect of the Brit before, during, and after the special day. Please feel free to Contact Me or E-Mail me directly at You may also contact me by phone. I wish you a healthy and happy baby.